Welcome to Oakstorm

Oakstorm was the first domain in the series displayed in the navigation bar at the top of this page.

It's original purpose was as a kind of testbed while the owner developed basic skills learned through various courses provided by the Open University. As time went on, other domains were aquired but, currently at least, Oakstorm is the core domain.

What's here

On the left of this page, you'll see links to other pages within this site. Remember, the content for this site was originally developed as a learning aid, so do not expect great entertainment or knowledge transfer. That said, the "When's Easter" link may prove useful and the "Staircase Painting Platform" has proved its worth for DIY decorating enthusiasts.


One of the links to the left takes you to the "legacy" Oakstorm Home page. It doesn't provide additional content but has been retained for sentimental purposes and to demonstrate how Web design has moved forward: it was written long before the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets with their requirements for "mobile-first" design and even without the responsive aspect it looks, well, old fasioned. This current Home page should display well on various devices as it leans heavily on Bootstrap for its layout